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Cutting & Bonding

The fabrics received from the warehouse and brought to a ready condition for production are cut according to the patterns received from the pattern office. Cutting is the first shaping process on the fabric. Big or small, all the pieces needed for the sewing process are prepared here.

Preparation & Sewing

After the pieces are cut in suitable sizes according to the convenient model, they are sent to the production unit and they are added to production starting from the related department. Within a process starting from the preparation phase and which is up to the final ironing, all the pieces are connected in harmony with each other. The pieces united in the lining, body and arm bands are mounted to each other here, and the integrity of the jacket is provided here.

Final Ironing

After this phase, the final ironing phase prepares the products that come out in a way that will be ready for shipment and makes the control.

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